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ABOUT MissAlaneous

aka Alana Denise Damron


Written by ~ Amy Quinlivan of Date Night Western Montana 


As the oldest daughter of gospel preaching, revival leading, Christian-hippie harmonizing parents, Alana Denise Damron’s musical upbringing is as eclectic as the initials that make up her name. In a recording studio at three months old, in charge of a microphone by two, and singing on stage at six, music runs through her veins. Alana’s internal dialogue is a colorful stream of melodies, hooks, bridges, chorus lines and lyrics. 


Abundantly artistic in her song writing and singing, Alana grew up enveloped in contemporary Christian music while using the platform of church choirs and Sunday solo’s to hone her talent, as well as developing a deep love for the Americana country, folk and rock music that her, once Christian Hippie, parents had lived & loved. However, it wasn't until her college years, at Carson Newman College in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, along with her post college years, spent back and forth between the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas, the bluegrass of Louisville Kentucky, and the heart of music history in Nashville Tennessee, that she began to discover her own lyrical & melodic voice, with the help of life's ups & downs and a handful of talented friends she met along her journey.


She’s gifted with a spirited voice that resonates like honey, with a smoky flair, and a richly soulful tone. Her inspirational lyrics and expressive melodies were evoked through personal struggles, her love for Jesus, and an energetic drive to explore.              


Though deeply connected to her family spread across the globe, she is a self-proclaimed gypsy who finds her rhythm and solace on the road. The culmination of this album is a lifetime of her song writing works pieced together through years of travel, and a journey in finding self-confidence. 


As an artist, Alana understands the struggle of finding musicians to fuse with her style and taste. She commends her co-writer and co-producer Bradley Noblitt for helping her shift focus and turn her dreaming into recordings that became a reality with the help of another old friend, Jacob Paul Phaneuf of InsideOut Studios in NWArkansas. Her motivation to finish The Making of the MissAlaneous album bloomed from the births of her beautiful nieces and encouragement from her family and faith~family, along with hundreds of friends who generously crowd-funded the project.


The musical journey "has only just begun" for MissAlaneous who has already working on her Sophomore project due out in 2018!

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