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New Day, New Adventures!

Dear Support Team, Family, and Friends,  

At a time when normal couples are preparing for a slower pace, retirement, and a time of rest to enjoy life, many of you know we are far from “normal”! After almost ten years we are moving again. We have stepped aside from our mission churches; Mountain Valley Fellowship, Haugan and New Day Fellowship, St Regis effective February 17th. No, we are not leaving the ministry but simply responding to God’s call  with a change of geographical field—as we head to Kampala, Uganda to offer our help to Alisha, Abdul, and Terra Nova Academy. New Day Network (through your gifts) will continue to support God’s ministry through our children:

Alana, as she develops her Missalaneous Ministry through the non-profit“Multiply Northwest” developed by Outdoorsmen Church of Missoula. God has opened some amazing doors across denominational lines for Alana in that city. She is still involved in helping New Day Network and Terra Nova Academy, and does freelance photography, basic web design, graphic design, and creative video mostly for small church/bi-vocational pastors in Montana which are not able to afford these normally. Alana is also involved in the ministry ofYouth For Christ of Missoula, the worship ministry of Christian Life Center of Missoula, and special projects for Global Leadership Network of Montana. So, her roots run deep! And God is doing wonderful things through her creative bent.

Alisha and Abdul, as they continue in their firmly established ministry through Terra Nova Academy and Terra Nova Soccer Academy in Kampala, Uganda. This new school year shows an increase to 175 students Pre-K through 5thGrade. This is astounding! Terra Nova Academy is just an amazing work. The teachers and staff, many who have been with Alisha from the beginning in 2011, are strong and enthusiastic about the Terra Nova Curriculum. They love their students and parents—and it shows. Education in Uganda is not free. Abdul earned a scholarship to attend school by his ability to play soccer. So, he is now helping young students learn the skills they need to earn soccer scholarships to attend school. 2018 brought some wonderful results with their first player to be accepted in a university in the US, 5 players qualified to play at University of Uganda, at least 2 Terra Nova players have been accepted on the Uganda National Soccer Team, 3 high school boys have earned scholarships for this new school year. So, our Lord God is absolutely blessing this ministry, as well.

Our journey to Kampala will no doubt open new avenues of ministry while still offering the same basic opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. No, Uganda is not anxiously waiting me to launch a world-wide-holy-healing ministry accompanied by snakes and anointed handkerchiefs, but avenues to proclaim the Gospel will certainly arise.  In previous trips to Kampala opportunity to preach, teach, and train local pastors was presented, and Alan will be eager and available when any opportunity comes either to help individual pastors, or training in one of their local pastor schools. We will also be available to mentor individuals and small groups of believers in the community. Of course, it goes without saying, that Grandaddy will offer his invaluable soccer expertise!

Sarah will enjoy being Grammy most of all. But, Alisha and Abdul mentioned several possibilities such as teaching preschool music, as well as helping and training Terra Nova administrative personnel. And yes, we will absolutely love being available to help with the ministry in Kampala as well as being Grandaddy and Grammy to our sweet granddaughters: Micaiah, Malina, and Charlie Mae. Be assured, we do not plan or anticipate doing nothing!

Presently, we do not have an exact date of departure, but we are--as of today--intensely moving in that direction with much to accomplish before we get there. As you may or may not know, Alan was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January, so we will FIRST,1)  be pursuing immediate treatment and must allow for recovery time and follow up before we can continue this journey. Then other requirements will include: 2) Getting Alana settled in a new location and ministry in Missoula; 3) sale of our house in Haugan; 4) Giving away, throwing away, or storing away an enormous amount of “stuff”; 5) Reinforcing the ministry of New Day Network (world-wide) by expanding prayer & financial support; 6) Fulfilling requirements of the Ugandan government; 7) Remodel and furnish our living quarters in Uganda; and 8) raising funds for a reliable vehicle in Uganda—just to name a few! So, some of you are not surprised, and in fact, as one of our friends said, “I can’t believe you’ve stayed in one place so long!” Well, surprised or not, our plan is to move to Uganda this year—embarking on a whole new chapter of ministry there, in the 4th quarter of our lives. In light of this news, some have already asked how they can either begin or continue to be on our support team. Glad they asked, because the need for continued support from our faith family will be paramount.

Prayer support is always first, last, and always! For years our New Day Network prayer partners have continued to hold up this God-given ministry to our heavenly Father. The world is not “spiritually darker” in Uganda, but the enemy will still actively seek to side-track our efforts to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, so prayer is an absolute must.

Financial support has always been and will continue to be a vital element in this on-going ministry. As you may guess, the financial needs of such an endeavor are too numerous to mention, please be assured that we have always and will continue to believe that God alone is our Source, He is Faithful, and He will continue to use New Day Network team of financial partners in sharing His love and work around the world.

As we prepare for this change, we are faced with four things we need you to pray with us about, and if God leads, that you would contribute toward these immediate, up front needs:Air fare to Uganda and Uganda travel visasRemodel of and furnishing our 2-room living space in UgandaGetting a Reliable Vehicle in UgandaBibles and Bible Study materials

In addition to these up front, “big ticket” items, there will be a need for ongoing monthly financial support. For the past several years we have been blessed with a small, yet faithful group of supporters, many who have been with us for over 10 years! Our support team will be the vehicle through which God allows on-the-ground ministry to be accomplished. So, our challenge is that you consider what the Lord might have you give on a monthly basis to further support this expanded work in Uganda.

We will continue to communicate with a regular e-Newsletter as we rely greatly on your prayers. Effective March 1st our mailing address will be as follows:

Please make checks payable to:

NEW DAY NETWORK MINISTRY PO Box 337 St Regis MT 59866-0337

Please indicate on your check if your donation is a one-time gift or monthly support on the memo line. Remember, New Day Network Ministry is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Our U.S. office will be managed by Amy Quinlivan, our new administrative assistant, in St Regis. Once we leave the country, you may still contact us via email at or via Facebook on our New Day Network page.

Just like you, we love our immediate family and are thankful for all those who have invested in us to do God’s work. Our hearts and lives were changed from the first time we visited Uganda. We have been praying about how to be more involved in the ministry there since before our visit in 2017. Not only could Alisha and Abdul use some help, but the people are so easy to love, the need for the Gospel is evident as it is throughout the world, and we invite you to take this journey with us in any way God might have you share it. We love and are thankful for each one of you.

Headed to Uganda—Headed to heaven!

By HIS Grace alone, Alan & Sarah Damron

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